Quilt spot February 2018

What have you been watching this month? Since starting my ‘quilt spot’ blog, it’s clear that my viewing choices are not necessarily my own, but are heavily influenced by my family… so please… no judging me!!

First of all, McMafia (the series I was watching on BBC 1 and which I referred to in January’s quilt spot) came to its unsatisfactory, and wholly predictable, ending. On the plus side, I was pleased to see more of the quilt in the couple’s bedroom. The long scene gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at the quilt; I absolutely love the contemporary design and the colours used. I managed to get a screen grab to post here – what are your thoughts on this quilt?

Quilt Spot February 2018 McMafia
McMafia (BBC)

And from there we move on to my family’s choices… First up, The Hobbit – my youngest daughter’s choice for a Friday night. I have watched this movie so many times, and I love it, but somehow I never really noticed the wonderful patchwork coat Bilbo Baggins wears at home. OK, so it’s not a quilt as such, but the patchwork is pretty cool! Though you wouldn’t catch me wearing one!

Next, my eldest daughter, who is now 12 and who is going through a ‘horror’ phase. Reluctantly I watched The Descent and Annabelle. The Descent is about a group of young ladies on a caving adventure which goes horribly wrong… I’m not spoiling anything by saying this; it is a horror after all so it’s unlikely to end ‘happily ever after’. The only good thing about this movie for me was the brief glimpse in dim light of a patchwork quilt in the cabin where the women spend the night before their expedition.

And from there to a possessed doll, Annabelle. I found this movie so scary that it literally made me jump, spilling my hot cup of tea all over myself and the sofa… The only redeeming factor for me? The patchwork quilt the mum-to-be, and main character, sews for her newborn. A little later in the movie, the finished quilt is seen a number of times, being used as the baby’s play mat and snuggle blanket.

Another movie we started watching but never finished – as we decided it wasn’t suitable family viewing – was Cruel Intentions. Again, the only nice thing about this movie was the traditional quilt seen hanging in young Cecile’s bedroom.

I’m hoping next months viewing will be more pleasant for me… What I have enjoyed though has been how patchwork quilts crop up in unexpected places and in all genres.

Have you spotted any quilts in movies this month? I’d love to hear from you – do let me know by leaving a comment below.

Mel x

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Quilt spot January 2018

A question for my fellow quilters, do you enjoy seeing patchwork quilts in movies and on TV?? Hands up! I do! I absolutely LOVE spotting quilts on both the big and little screen. For a while I’ve been thinking of making a note of what and where I see these quilts, but rather than writing them down, I think I’ll add them here on my blog.

So here it is, my first ‘Quilt Spot’! Don’t worry, I don’t actually watch a lot of telly or go to the cinema that often, so I’m not going to be writing endless lists of movies or TV programmes! (Although given that they are a conveyor of such pleasantries, perhaps I should do!)

What I have been watching this month is a drama series shown on BBC 1 – ‘McMafia‘ – about organised crime. It’s thrilling and tense, and can be quite violent at times, so I was pleasantly surprised to spot not one but TWO quilts in the mews house the main character shares with his fiance.

The decor in this house is very sleek and contemporary, so I wasn’t expecting to see a gorgeous colourful patchwork quilt draped over a sofa in their living room. It appears to be made up of lots of triangular patches and it adds a welcome touch of ‘homeliness’. The other quilt that makes an appearance is in the bedroom, on the couple’s bed. Both quilts are never in a scene for long, and as you can’t see them in their entirety, it’s hard to fully appreciate their design; however, the one on the bed seems to be made up of lots of different sized squares, in muted colours. Again, it adds a nice homely feel to the room.

The other series I watch – every day before school with my youngest daughter – is ‘Little House on the Prairie’ !! As you can imagine, EVERY bed that appears in this programme has a quilt on it… Needless to say, I won’t be listing them all… !!

I’ll be keeping my eyes open again throughout February and will let you know what I spot! In the meantime, I’d love to know if you have been ‘quilt spotting’ this month. Do let me know by leaving a comment below!

Mel x

My Nautical quilt – I made two of these, one for my eldest daughter when she was two, and another for my first nephew. The quilt appeared as a project in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine, and since then I have seen a number of variations of my design, the latest one I spotted was on the Project Linus UK website. So a ‘quilt spot’ of a different kind!! 

Nautical quilt p&q