Quilt spot March 2018

What did you watch on the big or little screen in March? And did you spot any patchwork quilts?? It seems my viewing consisted, again, mostly of horror movies… (my eldest daughter’s choice for our movie nights…)

Still, I always think it’s nice to see patchwork quilts featured in these types of movies – they are, for me, unexpected pleasures. So, in March I ended up watching Poltergeist, the 2015 remake, and Insidious. Both feature families with young children, and in both the children have patchwork quilts either on their beds or displayed as wall-hangings. I particularly liked the cowboy themed quilt in Insidious which featured stetsons, cowboy boots and cacti.

I wonder why so many quilts are used in these types of movies? Perhaps they add a homely and innocent touch to the sets which can then accentuate the horrors that are about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting family? I really don’t know – what are your thoughts?

My viewing in March wasn’t all doom and gloom though. I also watched one of my all-time favourites,  Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I had not noticed the quilts before, but this time, with my ‘quilt spot’ head on, I caught a glimpse of the quilt on Ruth’s bed… it’s a dark, sad scene, as you will know if you’ve seen the movie, and it’s hard to see clearly the design of the bed cover, but it’s unmistakably a quilt.

I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this movie. I’ve watched it so many times, and always cry at the same bits. For me it’s about the power of friendship; how your true friends are the ones who pull you through the dark times, and who are there to support you no matter what. Friends are so important – I know I couldn’t do without mine.

Here’s hoping April’s viewing will include a few more uplifting movies! Till next time!

Mel x

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