Pirates ahoy! Thy quilt is done!

I’m excited to say that I’ve managed to finish the little pirate quilt I started working on a couple of weeks ago – as I mentioned in my blog post from last Friday, it’s a gift for the newborn baby boy of a good friend of mine. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and I really hope my friend likes it too. It’s a typical boy’s quilt: bright and happy featuring cute pirate-themed illustrations in traditional ‘boy’ colours, blue, red and white.

I always find it slightly amusing how so many items for little boys feature pirates. As if they would make good role-models!! For kids, pirates are always portrayed as adorable and amicable characters when in reality they were vile creatures and to be feared! Who would seriously want their kid to grow up to be one?!

Nevertheless, their appeal is timeless and it seems they will always hold a fascination with young ones. When I was a little girl,  I was captivated by stories of the notable Pirate Blackbeard and vowed one day to find his sunken ship laden with treasure! That’s unlikely to happen now, though I do enjoy diving, especially in the Caribbean, and have seen the odd shipwreck. No galleon though, and definitely no treasure!

For now my adventures are in quilting, and my treasures are my children.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Mel x




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