Quilt Spot May 2021

“Enjoy each moment as it will go by in a flash”, so I was told when I became a mum. And it’s something I’ve really taken to heart. Children do grow up quickly; and once they’re grown, they’re grown!

So the moments I get to spend time with my kids, I treasure. A month or so ago, during the summer half-term, my youngest and I sat down together to watch a movie, as the weather was a bit grim and we didn’t have any plans for the day. We don’t usually do this during daytime as there are always so many other things to do! Anyhow, we decided on ‘Paddington’ – a movie we have both seen a number of times.

It is a completely charming story and you can’t help fall in love with the little bear with a huge heart. His foster family, the Browns, are just as charming too, living in a charming house, in charming part of (an idealised) charming London.

Paddington’s room is in the attic and there on his bed is an equally charming quilt! Of course, a charming room can’t be without a charming quilt! And this one is made of string quilt blocks, featuring fabrics in a range of colours and patterns.

‘Paddington’ was quickly followed by ‘Paddington 2’, where, interestingly, I spotted a different quilt on his bed – what a lucky bear!! I couldn’t make out what type of quilt it was, but it definitely was different to the first one pictured as you can see by the different pattern of the patches and the colour of the fabrics featured.

Quilt Spot ‘Paddington 2’

A lovely way to spend a lovely afternoon with my youngest.

Have you spotted any quilts in movies or on the telly? I’d love to know. Drop me a line and share your ‘spots’ with me.

Till next time,

Mel x

Click here for an A-Z list of my quilt spots.

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Melony Patch

Patchwork quilter into all things crafty and homely, and with an interest in mental well-being.

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