Quilt Spot November 2019

This month features movies I’ve seen a dozen times, or maybe even a dozen dozen times. Both are from the same year, 1993. Both are thrillers. And both feature ‘The’ in the title (as well as an ‘F’ in the noun that follows after… apologies for this weird observation).

The movies are The Firm and The Fugitive. In my mind they are classics from the era which is why I never tire of watching them, and this is despite the fact that they star male leads who I usually can’t stand, Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford. However, I have to admit that Tom Cruise in The Firm is superb, and in The Fugitive Harrison Ford is at his ‘finger-pointing’ best…

Funny how I’ve watched these movies so many times and haven’t noticed the quilts before.

The first spot in The Firm, is a quilt is draped over a sofa. It seems to feature a double wedding ring pattern, and is probably meant to be a wedding gift for the young couple who are no doubt recently married.

And the second, in The Fugitive, a very simple quilt made of predominantly blue and white square patches and lightly quilted, which hangs on a wall, and bizarrely from it, hang religious ornaments! A crucifix and a painting of perhaps Jesus or a Saint. Would you be happy to hang things from your quilts??

Have you seen any in movies or on the telly? I’d love to know. Drop me a line and share your spots with me.

Till next time!

Mel x

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