Quilt Spot August 2019

I’m slightly bending my own rules for this month… When I first started my ‘quilt spot’ blog posts, I had decided that I would only mention movies or TV programmes that I had watched in their entirety. But that is not the case this month. So, apologies.

August is generally not a good month for me for watching telly. I simply don’t have the time! It’s the summer holidays, and I’m usually spending time with the kids or visiting family. And when there’s family to catch up with, a pool to splash about in and the beach to play on, who can blame me?

We spent ten days in Spain visiting my family, and when back we went straight up to north Wales to visit my husband’s family. We usually go every year and leave the girls with the grandparents so that we can go back home and carry on working.

It means two trips up to Wales, once to drop them off and another to pick them up. It’s a lovely chance to catch up with everyone and the girls love it. Anyhow, on to the ‘spot’.

It was whilst in Wales that I caught a glimpse of a quilt when ‘watching’ ‘About Time’ – a movie about a young man Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson, who learns he can go back in time and do things differently.

In one of the scenes, the young man and his love interest Mary, played by Rachel McAdams, are in her room, and there is a lovely hexie quilt on her bed.

It looks like it’s been made out of scraps of fabric as there is no obvious pattern or colour theme to the quilt, and it’s rather a hodgepodge of hexagons of all sorts of colours and prints. It has a charming appeal – there’s nothing like a homemade quilt to grace one’s bed and give it a homely, welcoming feel.

Although I had intended to watch the full movie, I didn’t. Catching up and chatting with family just got in the way! However, what I did see of it I enjoyed (especially the quilt!), so it’s on my ‘to watch (again)’ list.

The hexie quilt in ‘About Time’ – Quilt Spot August 2019

And then there was another ‘spot’ whilst up in Wales… not on the TV this time, but in one of the spare rooms. A lovely old wooden chair covered with a patchwork of floral fabrics featuring long stitches in contrasting thread.

The patchwork chair

I loved it. And I let my mother-in-law know that I loved it. A number of times. I think she knows now. I hope she does. I hope she knows that if she ever tires of that lovely chair, that there is a home for it down in Wiltshire. I’ll make sure there’s a perfect spot for it.

Till next time!

Mel x

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