Quilt Spot July 2019

This month saw a couple of ‘spots’ and both in the same series: Stranger Things Season 3, which was finally released, after more than a year’s wait, on July 4th.

In anticipation of the new season, we re-watched all the previous episodes, where there was, to my surprise, a ‘quilt spot’! So, I was hoping to spot a few more in the new season, and I’m happy to say, the series did not disappoint, at least not in the ‘quilt spot’ department. Sadly for me, the new season didn’t live up to all the hype… the story felt a bit rushed and it was over before you knew it. I thought this was a shame after having waited such a long time. However, my daughters enjoyed it and as they are really the target demographic for this series, I’m guessing it wasn’t that bad!

As I’ve mentioned before, Stranger Things is a series I had been enjoying, mainly because the main characters are in their early teens in the mid-1980s, the same age I was at that time, so it feels quite nostalgic, featuring the music and fashion of my youth. The ending of Season 3 leaves it open for a potential Season 4, which I’m hoping will be produced, and hoping too it will be more satisfactory (to me) than this latest one!

Anyhow, back to quilts! The first quilt I spotted was in Mrs Byers house, draped over the back of her sofa as she sat in front of the telly with a meal-for-one (when she could have been out on a date…). Initially I thought it was a log cabin pattern, but from the photo you can see it’s not, and it’s quite hard to figure out what pattern it is. However, it seems quite simple and appears to be nicely worn and used.

Stranger Things

The second one was also draped over the back of a sofa – a lovely two-colour quilt in solid prints, featuring a pattern which seems to be a variant of the bear paw pattern, but please correct me if I’m wrong!

Stranger Things

Have you spotted any quilts in movies, on the telly, or when out and about?? I’d love to know. Drop me a line and tell me all about it!

Till next time,

Mel x

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