Quilt Spot April 2019

April’s viewing time was dominated by Game of Thrones… and not just the latest – and sadly final – season, but also all the previous seasons too. We couldn’t help but ‘catch up’ with the whole series… We are, as you have probably guessed, HUGE fans!

This has meant little time for anything else, and I was slightly worried that I might not come across any patchwork quilts in my TV viewing… but guess what?? I think I spotted a patchwork creation in Season 1 of Game of Thrones…

Perhaps my eyes were playing a trick on me, but a close up shot of the scene in question confirms to me that what is draped over Bran Stark’s bed is in fact a patchwork throw of some kind. How exciting! As if the series wasn’t exciting enough already!!

Game of Thrones – Season 1

Before Season 8 started, we did have the chance to view (or rather endure) the ‘horror’ ‘Open House’… about an open house with some unwanted visitors/guests/residents. It was a bit creepy, I have to admit, but this time not even the quilt I spotted saved the movie for me.

Although it wasn’t actually a ‘puff quilt’ it resembled one as the wadding used must have been quite bulky. I’m not a fan of these ‘puffed up’ quilts and I’m not sure why really. My eldest daughter thinks they look cosy, and I can see her point, but I keep thinking of all the debris (crumbs, etc) that might find their way into the deep folds… Not for me!

‘Open House’

There was one good movie though, and that was ‘The Book of Henry’ – a story about a single mother who follows her son’s instructions, written in his book, to rescue one of his friends from her abusive stepdad. A sad and emotional movie, about coming to terms with grief, the fight for what’s right and growing up (mostly the mum). The quilt featured consists of large square and rectangle blocks with red, blue and white plaid fabric. Simple but lovely.

‘The Book of Henry’

I end on a slightly funny/odd note. It wasn’t because of my views of puff quilts, but a misspelling in a search term on Google, which led to the suggested result being ‘ugly quilts’!! How I giggled! Though I did feel a little sad for the makers of the quilts that came up in the search.

Search results for ‘ugly’ quilts…

Of course, quilts come in all shapes and sizes, colours and patterns, and not all are going to be to our liking, but I think it’s a little harsh to call a quilt ugly if it doesn’t appeal to you. And there seems to be hundreds ‘pinned’ in Pinterest… I really hope mine don’t end up there! Might just have to take a look!

Have you spotted any quilts in movies or on the telly? I’d love to know. Drop me a line and tell me what you’ve spotted.

Till next time.

Mel x

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