It’s home and taking pride of place…

It’s always nerve-wracking sending a quilt in the post. Even if it’s sent special delivery and requiring a multitude of signatures on arrival – until I get confirmation by email, phone or text from the recipient to say that it’s arrived safely, I just don’t feel at ease. And if it’s being sent to a magazine (like this one was, to British Patchwork & Quilting), then I get the same feelings for when the quilt is returned to me!

So you can imagine it was a huge relief to welcome home my ‘Through my Window’ quilt. And now that I have it back, it’s finally hanging up in the ‘quilt’ space I created on the landing late last year.

I enjoy changing the quilt display on the landing, usually to mark changes in seasons and moods. But this one is bringing me mixed feelings.

It was exactly a year ago, in late winter, that I was working on this quilt; it was a difficult time for me, but having this project to work on brought me peace at a time when I felt I was in pieces.

I came up with the title ‘Through my Window’ because it features the colours I could see through my window panes, and the cold blues and greys of winter were in tune with how I was feeling. I added a touch of hot pink to represent the coming of spring, hope, and perhaps a longing for change and renewal.

Piecing ‘Through my Window’

When I finished the quilt, I knew I would get mixed feelings when looking back at it, knowing it would always remind me of those difficult times and the hurt I went through. So I had the good sense to write a message to myself on the label, in the hope that the simple words would bring me comfort in times to come:

“Through my window I can see
A world of wonder there for me
And in this world, I will find
My belonging and peace of mind”

Do you have a quilt that evokes these sorts of feelings? Do you write messages to yourself on quilt labels? I’d love to know; feel free to leave a comment below.

Till next time

Mel x

Kits to make the quilt top are available in my Melony Patch Etsy shop.

‘Through my Window’ by Melanie Vincent

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