Quilt Spot February 2019

This month started with a slightly bizarre ‘quilt spot’, and I’m not entirely sure if it really counts as a quilt spot, but here goes.

Whilst looking at my stats for people visiting my Melony Patch Etsy shop, I realised that quite a few were being referred via … wait for it… an insurance website… Really? Yes, you read it correctly. An insurance website.

Slightly bemused, I thought I better check it out. It turns out they were celebrating ‘national pet month’ and whoever wrote the piece had come across my Whimsical Caravans quilt and had thought it would be perfect as a cover to ‘protect’ (yes, protect) duvet covers from dirty paws!! I’m guessing the writer is not a quilter…

Screen grab from ‘Insure my World’ website

Anyhow, it was nice to see a photo of my quilt… and the writer did mention that kits are available in my Etsy shop… so as the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity! Kits are available again in my shop since I managed to resource some of the original materials. This was one of my most popular designs so I’m pleased I have more kits in stock.

My other quilt spot in February, was in ‘The Waltons’. If you are a follower of my quilt spots, you will know that I don’t tend to mention the quilts I spot in programmes like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ or ‘The Waltons’ (usually shown on the True Entertainment channel, a favourite of my youngest daughter) as you can almost guarantee that there is a quilt in sight at all times… But the episode that is the subject of this month’s quilt spot was titled ‘The Quilting’, so I felt it was worth a (special) mention.

I hadn’t seen this episode before, or if I had, it must have been ages (decades) ago as I didn’t remember it. I was really excited about it, thinking “How lovely! It’s going to be about the community coming together to sew and make a quilt!” So I was quite surprised, a few minutes into the programme, that the character the quilt was for, Mary Ellen, did not want the quilt that was being made for her and she refused to take part in the quilting bee her grandma was organising.

I initially thought how ungrateful!! Relatives, friends and ladies in the community had all lovingly prepared individual blocks for Mary Ellen which were to be sewn together by her grandma and then quilted by the group of ladies.

The ‘dreaded’ quilting bee… (The Waltons, ‘The Quilting’)

But you soon realise why she is so resistant to the idea. The quilt, to her, is an advertisement to say she has reached marrying age and is available for ‘cooking and cleaning duties’ as she puts it. Word gets around that Mary Ellen is having a quilt made, and young gentlemen come calling… But she has bigger plans for her life and does not see marriage as the ‘be all and end all’ of everything. And I can appreciate that. We may look back at customs gone by and think how romantic they were, but at the time they may have hidden unhappy truths.

Grandma Walton… looking pretty fierce (The Waltons, ‘The Quilting’)

Of course all ends well in true Waltons’ fashion… And we’re even treated to a sing-song when ‘the men’ get home and they all start singing the folk song ‘Seeing Nellie Home’ (by John Fletcher and Frances Kyle), quite an apt song for this episode:

Seeing Nellie Home

In the sky the bright stars glittered
On the bank the pale moon shone
It was from Aunt Dinah’s quilting party
I was seeing Nellie home

I was seeing Nellie home
I was seeing Nellie home
It was from Aunt Dinah’s quilting party
I was seeing Nellie home

On my arm a soft hand rested
Rested light as ocean foam
It was from Aunt Dinah’s quilting party
I was seeing Nellie home (chorus)

On my lips a whisper trembled
Trembled till it dared to come
It was from Aunt Dinah’s quilting party
I was seeing Nellie home (chorus)

On my life new hopes were dawning
And those hopes have lived and grown
It was from Aunt Dinah’s quilting party
I was seeing Nellie home (chorus)

Have you spotted any quilts in movies or in TV series (or on insurance websites!)? I’d love to know – share your spots with me by leaving a comment below.

Till next time

Mel x

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13 thoughts on “Quilt Spot February 2019”

  1. Oh! Boy! That insurance website story is funny and exasperating at the same time! I think I’d be far more likely to protect a beautifully made quilt with a shop bought duvet cover than the other way round!
    No quilt spots for me this month. I am just started to read ‘The Last Runaway’ by Tracy Chevalier and I understand quilts get plenty of mentions in that! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right !! The writer clearly didn’t have a clue what’s involved in making a quilt!! I really enjoyed reading ‘The Last Runaway’ and that sparked an interest in reading more about the ‘underground railroad’. There was talk about making it into a movie, but I haven’t heard anything since. I think I’d be in ‘quilt spot heaven’! Mx


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