The Festival of Quilts 2018

This year I found myself going to the festival on my own. It’s usually a family affair – my eldest enjoys coming along with me (mainly for the Quilter’s Guild tombola!) whilst husband and the little one do something else nearby – sometimes, they have even ventured inside! But despite not having them with me this year, it was a fantastic day out – and it felt like a real (and rare) treat to do something on my own, taking my time to look at the quilts on show as well as leisurely visiting the stands looking for goodies.

As always I take photos of the quilts I find inspiring – the ones that grab me have something that I find different, unusual or interesting. This year these included ones that had non-traditional shapes, interesting textures, clever use of colour, innovative techniques, or incredible amount of fine work and attention to detail. Below is a gallery of some of the exhibits I found inspiring. I have captioned the title of the work as well as the creator’s name – if you share these, please ensure the creator is credited.

Of course, it’s not all about the exhibits, but also a good opportunity to meet up with people, buy essentials (as well as non-essentials!!) and simply have a good day out. I came away feeling inspired and ready to get going with more projects. Every year I think, I MUST enter a competition… perhaps next year I will!

Did you go the festival – what did you like about the exhibits this year? Please share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below.

Till next time,

Mel x


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Melony Patch

Patchwork quilter into all things crafty and homely, and with an interest in mental well-being.

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