A perfect day for (hand) quilting…

What a glorious spring day it’s been (and still is as I write this!). Sitting in my sewing room with the windows wide open, today I opted to have no music, and nothing to sing along to,  so I could simply listen to the birds tweeting and chirping whilst I hand-quilted away.

The peace was only broken briefly by the school children next door while playing outside during break time – but, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this sound! It’s happy and full of excitement, energy and life.

Today I’ve been working on a baby quilt for the newborn baby boy of a good friend of mine. It’s quite simple in design and features pirate-themed fabrics from my stash. At some point I will write up the instructions to make this little quilt, which can be used as a pram blanket, play mat or wall-hanging, and will publish them on my blog for free.

I love making quilts for babies and children. I’ve made quite a few over the years for my own children and for those of family and close friends. I hope these quilts will stay with them beyond their childhood years, and, who knows, maybe one day they can be passed on to their own children.

I’ve nearly finished the quilting – I just have a little bit more to do around the border; then it’ll be sewing the hanging sleeve and the label. As you may know, I like to add a little poem or phrase on my labels; for my children’s quilts I tend to write something like this: “Made with love for NAME. May this quilt always bring you comfort and joy”.

This has made me think about what to write on the label for the ‘Through my window’ quilt. I thought I had this all figured out: “Through my window: Through my window, I will find, a life, a purpose, peace of mind”. I had prepared the label and ironed it on to the back of my quilt. I felt quite happy with it. But after showing a friend, I have my doubts. She said, “that’s a bit deep” and it got me thinking…

Yes, it is a bit deep. I wasn’t in a good place when I made this quilt – I remember feeling very down and my outlook felt a bit gloomy. I won’t forget how I felt when piecing this quilt – quilts have a funny way of reminding you where you were when you pieced them, and what was going through your mind at the time. So I don’t really need to convey that information on the label itself. I now think I want something a bit more positive. Since those ‘darker’ days, I feel things are brighter, and I would like the label to convey that positivity as a way of capturing that momentum. It will, however, still be true and authentic to myself. So the label has come off, and a new one will soon be sewn on!

And on that note, I wish you all a good weekend!

Mel x


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