In it for the long haul…

We met, had fun, travelled, had fun, made plans, got married, had fun, moved to the country, had children…

It might not be perfect, we might not be (metaphorically) where we thought we would be when we started this journey. But we’re here. It’s not always rosy; it’s not always easy. There have been ups and downs, sometimes more downs than ups, sometimes just long periods of downs, but there are always the highest of highs along the way. It’s my life, my family… and I love it and love them.

Mel x

Pictured below the ‘Home and Garden’ paper-pieced blocks I’ve been sewing this week.

Home garden banner
Home and Garden paper-pieced blocks


In it for the long haul


Published by

Melony Patch

Patchwork quilter into all things crafty and homely, and with an interest in mental well-being.

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