Having fun exploring new ideas

Now that I’ve nearly finished my Through my Window quilt (yes, I finally decided on a name!), and with my Golden Glow* quilt on the cover of the current issue of British Patchwork and Quilting magazine (sorry, I just had to mention that again as I’m STILL OVER THE MOON about this!), it’s time for me to explore new ideas for future projects.

I’m toying with the idea of going back to paper piecing for this one. For those who don’t know what paper piecing is, it’s basically sewing bits of fabric to a foundation paper which features the pattern you are sewing. A number of my quilts have featured this technique. In fact the diamonds in Golden Glow* are constructed in this way.

My girls are away this week for part of the Easter school break, spending time with the grandparents, aunties, uncles and their beloved little cousin. So… I’ve had a few hours to myself to work on my new project. At the moment it’s unimaginatively named ‘Home and Garden’ but fear not, this IS just a working title and something I can use to name the folder where all the documents for the designs, templates and photos can be saved on my computer.

This quilt is going to be a real stash-buster, and one where I’ll be using tiniest bits of fabrics that I’ve been saving. Whereas as my previous two quilts have featured a limited number of fabrics, this one will be a riot of colours and fabrics.

What I like about the flower block I constructed today was that in places I used (almost) microscopic pieces of fabric… using scraps I had stored away for ages. Thankfully I have one of those magnifying craft lamps which made the job easier – not sure how I would have managed without one today!

There was something quite pleasing and therapeutic about constructing this block; the tiny pieces I was sewing made me work slowly and carefully to avoid mistakes, and just really taking my time. (There was also something quite nice and appealing about the little pile of off-cuts and trimmings that grew as I went along.)

The next block I’ll sew will feature trees and after that I’ll construct the house and heart blocks. If all goes well, I should have these done by the end of the week, before picking up my little ladies and spending quality time with them.

Here’s wishing you all a good week ahead!

Mel x

*Kits to make Golden Glow are now available in my Melony Patch Etsy shop – £37.50 plus p&p. 




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