Patience in quilting, patience in life

It’s often said that you need a lot of patience to be a patchwork quilter. I believe this is so true. Creating a quilt can take such a long time that you need to have the mindset to keep going and see any creation through to the end. And even then, who doesn’t end up with UFOs?? (For those who aren’t familiar with how this term is used in the quilting world, it refers to ‘unfinished objects’, meaning all those quilts and quilt blocks that have been started and never finished for a variety of reasons.)

These days I usually only have one quilt that I’m actually sewing or piecing, and this one will be my main focus, though at the same time I will also be toying with ideas for future quilts and will often start making sketches of designs and researching fabrics and colours schemes. I might also be working on a quilt that I’ve just finished, typing up instructions, putting together kits, etc. Working this way means that I aim to complete the sewing of a quilt within a few months.

I do, however, have a quilt that took me about seven years to complete. I had borrowed ‘The Quilt Sampler Book’ by Lynne Edwards from my local library. It was soon after discovering patchwork quilting, and after making my first and very simple quilt made up of 10” squares, I had read somewhere that making a sampler quilt was a good way to try out different sewing techniques and styles. However, I wasn’t too keen on all the blocks featured in the book so I decided to focus on the blocks I liked and make a quilt just featuring those ones.

The result is my ‘Garden Sampler’ quilt, a double bed quilt, which features ‘Drunkard Path’ blocks in white and blue to represent the sky and clouds, a ‘Grandmother’s Fan’ for the sun, ‘Log Cabin’ blocks to represent the ground, ‘Spider’s Web’ blocks for… spiders webs, and various appliqué flower blocks. I started the quilt in 2003, when I lived in London. Parts of it travelled with me when I accompanied my husband on business trips to Japan and the US, and I finally finished piecing it in early 2010.

Once it was complete, I laid it on the bed and felt an enormous sense of achievement. I couldn’t believe that I had finally finished it! The intervening years had been quite eventful, so I wasn’t going to be hard on myself for not finishing it sooner – between 2003 and 2010 we had moved out of London, bought a house in the country, I started a new job, and then we were blessed with the arrival of our first child in 2006.

But now that the quilt was laid flat on the bed, a thought suddenly daunted me. The quilting… I thought to myself, it’s going to take another seven years to quilt it, especially as I wanted to do this by hand.

It’s then that I remembered a little piece of advice I read in another quilting book – sadly I can’t remember the name of this book – but it basically said that even if you only do five minutes sewing a day, you’ll be five minutes closer to the finish. And armed with this knowledge, I was determined to sew every night, even if I was extremely tired and even if I found this a little difficult given that I was heavily pregnant with my second child. But I did it. And I finished the quilt in just two weeks. Sometimes all it takes in quilting, and in life, is a little patience and perseverance.

Mel x

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My quilt is on the cover! Yay!

I’m not afraid to admit that I jumped up and down like a little kid at Christmas when I opened my subscription copy of British Patchwork & Quilting magazine and saw my Golden Glow quilt featured on the cover of the April 2018 issue!

I had not expected this at all – it was a happy moment and one which put a huge smile on my face at a time when I needed it the most. I’m also not afraid to admit that I rather love the name I choose for this quilt – Golden Glow. For me it sums up brightness, happiness, optimism, hope and all the good and possible things in life, like shining a light in the dark.

I’m busy now putting together some quilt kits for sale through my Melony Patch Etsy shop, so do pop by if you’d like to buy!

Blue Leaves – quilting and de-wrinkling

And now onto my latest quilt, Blue Leaves. Progress this week has been good… and I’m happy to say that the quilting IS COMPLETE!! Yay! Yay! And double Yay!

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I’ve managed to do this in just a few weeks with everything else that I’ve got going on. I’m also really happy with how it’s turned out. The quilting stitches are almost invisible to the eye as I choose threads that closely match the fabrics used, but the texture the stitching has added is GORGEOUS to the touch and so soothing! The quilting is more visible on the back and I have added a photo below so you can see this.

Now that I’ve finished the quilting, I’ve ironed out all the wrinkles and the next few steps before it’s completely finished will be to slip-stitch the border, sew on the hanging sleeve and add a label… And here lies a problem…

I usually write the name of the quilt on the label, followed by (sometimes) a short phrase or poem relevant to the quilt. And of course I add my name and the year the quilt was finished. I’m still debating what name to give this quilt – as you know the working title I’ve been using is Blue Leaves, though following a comment made by my eldest daughter, who thought the blocks resembled windows, I wondered if something like ‘The view from my window‘ or ‘Windows‘ would work better. (By the way, my husband said the quilt reminded him of computer coding and computer ‘mother boards’… but I’m happy to say that I’m definitely not taking those suggestions any further!!)

Here’s the thing – I have already decided on the phrase to go with the quilt, which goes like this:

“Through these windows I will find,
a sense of purpose and peace of mind”

So what do you think? What name shall I give my quilt? Do let me know by leaving a comment below – your help is still needed!

Here’s wishing you all a great weekend.

Mel x


In awe and wonder…

It’s been a heavy-going week at work. As some of you know, I work for a wildlife charity on a project that encourages people struggling with mental health issues to get involved in nature-based activities.

I am not a mental health professional, and neither are my colleagues. Our backgrounds are more in wildlife conservation and project management. But over the years, we have all received training to become more aware of these issues.

Last year I attended a Mental Health First Aid course, and this week I attended the two-day ASIST course. For those of you who don’t know, ASIST stands for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. Going forward I hope I never have to put into practice what I have learnt this week, but I feel more confident now than I ever did before that I will know what to do in such an eventuality. In fact last year, prior to this training, I dealt with such a situation, and looking back now, without knowing at the time, I had actually put into practice all the skills I have learnt this week.

All participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and say a little bit about what their experiences were with regard to suicide. It was very emotional and I shed a number of tears as people recounted their stories. Whilst I’ve been sat at my sewing machine today working on my Blue Leaves quilt, I kept thinking of the people I met this week. I am in complete awe and wonder at how strong these people are, to come through such difficult situations where they thought there was no other way out, and to talk so openly and honestly about their feelings and experiences.

It goes to show that we can never tell what someone is going through, or what they have been through, just by looking at them; it’s reemphasised for me how important it is to be less judgemental and how we could all do with a little bit more patience, understanding, kindness and respect.

Phew! Sorry for the heavy-going post! I’m hoping that by next week I will have finished my quilt and will be able to post some pretty pictures of the finished item! And on that slightly-more-lighthearted note, I wish you all a good weekend!

Mel x


Blue Leaves quilting in progress
Blue Leaves quilting in progress


Is fabric ever wasted in patchwork quilting?

This is a question that is very much on my mind at the moment, for various reasons.

One, is that when I design a new quilt, what might look good on paper might not work so well on fabric, but I only find this out after I’ve sewn a few blocks of my original design. I know I’ve mentioned this before when writing about my Golden Glow quilt, which went through various design stages. But are these sewn pieces wasted? I don’t think so, again for various reasons.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, without going through this stage of ‘trial and error’ I wouldn’t have come up with a design that I was happy with; secondly, the bits of sewn fabric can be put to all sorts of uses – they can be kept for use in a scrap quilt or a small project, perhaps a pouch or coaster; or thirdly, if the same fabrics are being used in the final quilt, the trial pieces can be used as a tester blocks to try out different colour threads for the quilting or to try out different styles of quilting stitches.

Two, is that quite often when cutting up fabric, we make mistakes… at least I know I have!! However, we are just human and it’s part of our nature to make mistakes. I have lost count of how many times I’ve cut up the wrong size – sometimes because I wasn’t focusing (probably because I was being interrupted by one of my little ladies!) or because I didn’t include seam allowances (Argh! This is such an annoying mistake!). I have also made a mistake when writing up instructions for a pattern… and I still feel gutted about this. But are these cut pieces wasted? When you think of it, the very nature of patchwork quilting is to sew up patches, so is it the end of the world – OK, that’s a bit dramatic – is it a waste of fabric or money to have made that mistake? I don’t think so. I would say keep the fabric and use for another project, or make the piece larger to the size required by sewing another piece to it!

Despite saying this, if you do have fabric you feel particularly precious about – perhaps because it was expensive or a gift – I would always go by the old adage “measure twice, cut once”.

What are your thoughts on this? What have you done with wrongly cut fabric? Have you ever followed cutting instructions for a pattern only to find out that the measurements were wrong? And how did you feel and what did you do about it? I’d love to know – please share your stories and comments below.

Mel x



It’s been a slow snow day

It seems that Wiltshire – and the rest of the UK – has come to a complete standstill because of the weather. As everyone knows in this country, the ‘Beast from the East’ is hitting us hard; we are experiencing blizzards and temperatures haven’t risen above freezing for the last few days.

The kids are, of course, loving it. My girls have been at home for the last two days as their schools have had to close. And today, whereas normally I’d be sewing away at my machine, I’ve been out playing with them, throwing snowballs and sledging; it was REALLY cold but so much fun!

I still managed to squeeze in some quilting time, and I’m pleased that I’m making progress on my Blue Leaves quilt. Last week I felt a bit daunted by the thought of how long it was going to take me, but throughout the week, and today, I’ve managed to steal a few minutes here and there to work at my machine. And it’s paying off; last week I had 18 blocks left to quilt, and now I’ve only got six to go! Yay!

Blue Leaves - quilting in progress
Blue Leaves – quilting in progress

However, I think this weekend might be a write off for sewing; I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors with the girls, or simply staying in with them keeping cosy watching movies. I’ll still keep my eyes peeled in case I spot any quilts on the telly, and if I do I’ll be sure to let you know in this month’s ‘quilt spot’ which I’ll post towards the end of March (see my ‘quilt spot’ posts for January and February).

Here’s hoping you all have a nice weekend; stay safe and warm!

Mel x



Quilt spot February 2018

What have you been watching this month? Since starting my ‘quilt spot’ blog, it’s clear that my viewing choices are not necessarily my own, but are heavily influenced by my family… so please… no judging me!!

First of all, McMafia (the series I was watching on BBC 1 and which I referred to in January’s quilt spot) came to its unsatisfactory, and wholly predictable, ending. On the plus side, I was pleased to see more of the quilt in the couple’s bedroom. The long scene gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at the quilt; I absolutely love the contemporary design and the colours used. I managed to get a screen grab to post here – what are your thoughts on this quilt?

Quilt Spot February 2018 McMafia
McMafia (BBC)

And from there we move on to my family’s choices… First up, The Hobbit – my youngest daughter’s choice for a Friday night. I have watched this movie so many times, and I love it, but somehow I never really noticed the wonderful patchwork coat Bilbo Baggins wears at home. OK, so it’s not a quilt as such, but the patchwork is pretty cool! Though you wouldn’t catch me wearing one!

Next, my eldest daughter, who is now 12 and who is going through a ‘horror’ phase. Reluctantly I watched The Descent and Annabelle. The Descent is about a group of young ladies on a caving adventure which goes horribly wrong… I’m not spoiling anything by saying this; it is a horror after all so it’s unlikely to end ‘happily ever after’. The only good thing about this movie for me was the brief glimpse in dim light of a patchwork quilt in the cabin where the women spend the night before their expedition.

And from there to a possessed doll, Annabelle. I found this movie so scary that it literally made me jump, spilling my hot cup of tea all over myself and the sofa… The only redeeming factor for me? The patchwork quilt the mum-to-be, and main character, sews for her newborn. A little later in the movie, the finished quilt is seen a number of times, being used as the baby’s play mat and snuggle blanket.

Another movie we started watching but never finished – as we decided it wasn’t suitable family viewing – was Cruel Intentions. Again, the only nice thing about this movie was the traditional quilt seen hanging in young Cecile’s bedroom.

I’m hoping next months viewing will be more pleasant for me… What I have enjoyed though has been how patchwork quilts crop up in unexpected places and in all genres.

Have you spotted any quilts in movies this month? I’d love to hear from you – do let me know by leaving a comment below.

Mel x

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And the quilting begins… if a little slowly

Today my plan was to get going with the quilting on my new quilt Blue Leaves / View from my Window (title still undecided!). First however, I had to decide on what quilting style would suit my quilt; I thought this would be an easy process and that by mid-morning I would be well on my way to – at least feeling like I was – completing my quilt.

Not so… Most of my morning was taken up with trying out various stitches, first by hand and then by machine; different lengths, different styles, etc. I’m sure many other quilters are conversant with this problem… but sometimes you just have to try different things just to find out what works. And sometimes that can take up a lot of time.

In the end I’ve decided to ditch hand quilting in favour of using my sewing machine. I’ve chosen something quite simple: straight lines, both horizontal and vertical, in small but clearly visible stitches. Given the design of the patchwork blocks within the quilt, I think this quilting will emphasise the parts I wish to highlight.

It hasn’t been the most productive of days… but on the plus side, I now know what I’m doing and I’ve managed to… (ta-dah!) complete one block… Yay! Now I ‘just’ have the other 18 to do…

I’m hoping to steal a moment or two this weekend when the family are busy doing their thing to do a bit more sewing… It’s been one of those long weeks where my head has been full of thoughts and worries, so carving out a little ‘time out’ – in this case in the form of some sewing time – can only be a good thing. Do let me know if you have a ‘time out’ activity and what you do – as always, I love to read your comments, so please share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below.

Here’s wishing you all a pleasant weekend.

Mel x


And my quilt is off… (in the post, that is!)

As you probably know by now, I tend to spend my Fridays sewing, sewing, sewing and quilting, quilting, quilting. Today has had a little of that, but not in the purely creative sense – however, this is not a bad thing.

My Golden Glow quilt is set to feature in a forthcoming issue of British Patchwork and Quilting magazine, so this week I’ve been busy writing up the instructions, drawing the diagrams and templates, and sewing the all-important hanging sleeve and label. I managed to complete the finishing touches this morning, and then it was a quick trip to the Post Office to get it sent off.

I always find this bit nerve-wracking… I have heard horror stories of quilts going missing in the post. I think I would be utterly heartbroken if this happened to me. I feel I put so much of myself into every creation, and years later, when looking at a quilt, or even a particular block within a quilt, I can still remember where I was and what I was feeling and going through when I was sewing it. So safe travels my quilt and come home soon!

Golden Glow wasn’t the only thing being dispatched today. My sister-in-law is organising a 2019 calendar to raise money for the charity Endometriosis UK. The photo shoot is being held in a few weeks time and it will be a very glamorous event – all the models are living with this debilitating disease and they will be treated to a 1950s’ style make-over and photo-shoot. In addition to this, my sister-in-law is running a raffle to raise even more money, and to this end I have contributed a few bits from my Etsy shop Melony Patch.

Raffle prizes from Melony Patch

I also found time to sew the border to my new quilt Blue Leaves (or a ‘View from my window’ –  haven’t decided on the title yet!) and I can announce that I’ve decided to go for the hot pink fabric! I love this strong colour against the blue and grey hues of the quilt centre, so I think it’s going to work well. I also added the wadding and backing, so all I need to do now is the quilting! I should have this done by next year… Only joking – hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of February. But we’ll see; I don’t want put too much pressure on myself to finish it quickly – I think sometimes we over-complicate our lives by trying to do too much and sometimes we could just do with simplifying things.

I would welcome thoughts on what sort of quilting you think would work best on my new quilt. I always enjoy reading your comments, so do drop me a line to let me know. Also, drop me a line if you like what you read, and follow me if you don’t want to miss a blog post!

Here’s wishing you all a great weekend!

Mel x



Quilt top finished – now for the border

It’s pieced! My ‘Blue Leaves‘ (or ‘The view from my window’) quilt top! As you can see, I’m still a bit puzzled as to what to name it (and I’m sure many fellow quilters will sympathize with me!), so if you can think of an apt title for my latest design, do let me know by leaving a comment below.

At least the bulk of the work – sorry, I mean piecing – is done. I still have the quilting to do! Which, if I do by hand… will be LOADS more work…

I love the colours of these fabrics; the petrol blues and muted greys remind me of a stormy winter’s day, and the splash of colour, thanks to the floral and fuschia pink fabrics, give a hint of what we can expect in the coming season, spring.

However, I still need to decide on the border – should I go for the hot pink? Muted grey? Or petrol blue? Luckily I have enough of each of these fabrics so perhaps what I need to do is play around a bit with the different options. What do you think? What colour do you think would work best? Do let me know by dropping me a line in the comments section below.

Although I still haven’t finished this quilt, I’m already thinking what my next project should be. I feel there is a seasonal theme coming on with my latest designs – my ‘Golden Glow’ quilt pays homage to autumn (fall in the US), and my current one to winter, so perhaps a spring and then a summer quilt should be on the cards too. Both quilts are similar in size – about 36″ square – so they are quite small, perfect for use as lap quilts to keep me warm (perhaps when watching telly and ‘quilt spotting’!) or maybe as wall-hangings for display.

I have posted below some pictures of the work that was in progress today. As always, I love to read your comments, so do drop me a line if you like what you see and read!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Mel x



Quilt spot January 2018

A question for my fellow quilters, do you enjoy seeing patchwork quilts in movies and on TV?? Hands up! I do! I absolutely LOVE spotting quilts on both the big and little screen. For a while I’ve been thinking of making a note of what and where I see these quilts, but rather than writing them down, I think I’ll add them here on my blog.

So here it is, my first ‘Quilt Spot’! Don’t worry, I don’t actually watch a lot of telly or go to the cinema that often, so I’m not going to be writing endless lists of movies or TV programmes! (Although given that they are a conveyor of such pleasantries, perhaps I should do!)

What I have been watching this month is a drama series shown on BBC 1 – ‘McMafia‘ – about organised crime. It’s thrilling and tense, and can be quite violent at times, so I was pleasantly surprised to spot not one but TWO quilts in the mews house the main character shares with his fiance.

The decor in this house is very sleek and contemporary, so I wasn’t expecting to see a gorgeous colourful patchwork quilt draped over a sofa in their living room. It appears to be made up of lots of triangular patches and it adds a welcome touch of ‘homeliness’. The other quilt that makes an appearance is in the bedroom, on the couple’s bed. Both quilts are never in a scene for long, and as you can’t see them in their entirety, it’s hard to fully appreciate their design; however, the one on the bed seems to be made up of lots of different sized squares, in muted colours. Again, it adds a nice homely feel to the room.

The other series I watch – every day before school with my youngest daughter – is ‘Little House on the Prairie’ !! As you can imagine, EVERY bed that appears in this programme has a quilt on it… Needless to say, I won’t be listing them all… !!

I’ll be keeping my eyes open again throughout February and will let you know what I spot! In the meantime, I’d love to know if you have been ‘quilt spotting’ this month. Do let me know by leaving a comment below!

Mel x

My Nautical quilt – I made two of these, one for my eldest daughter when she was two, and another for my first nephew. The quilt appeared as a project in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine, and since then I have seen a number of variations of my design, the latest one I spotted was on the Project Linus UK website. So a ‘quilt spot’ of a different kind!! 

Nautical quilt p&q

A (sewing) room with a view

As you may have gathered from my blog post last week about sewing and sewing therapy, Fridays are my sewing days when I try to squeeze in as much as I can in-between school drop off and pick up.

This week, I had a plan. I was determined to complete a few more rows of my new quilt.  So I got myself organised and earlier in the week I cut up all the bits of fabric I’d be needing, and today, well I managed get them all done. (Yay!)

Sometimes I find that when piecing a quilt, what works well on paper as a design might not work so well on fabric, as I mentioned in a previous post, Golden Glow.

However, I think this quilt is coming along nicely – my eldest daughter came into my sewing room a little earlier and complimented me on the design, saying that it looked like little windows peering out into the open. I can see what she means. And I think she’s right. Perhaps I need to rethink the name I had in mind for this quilt.

Thinking about her comment, it was really quite apt… Earlier in the day, while taking a short break from sewing, I looked through my window to see some ominous clouds gathering; the fields however were still bright green as if trying to cling on to the sunshine, and all the while my sewing machine was boldly set against this background in silhouette. I noticed that the colours from this scene seemed to match the colours of the fabrics I’m using.

So perhaps, I need to rename the quilt, something like ‘The view from my window’ instead of ‘Blue leaves’ – what do you think? Perhaps you have other suggestions?!

As always, do share your thoughts with me. I love to read your comments.

And in the meantime, I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Mel x




Blue leaves (and a bit of sewing therapy)

Friday is my sewing day as it’s my day off from work. I always look forward to it though that’s not to say I don’t enjoy my work. I absolutely LOVE my day job.

I work for an environmental charity on a project that helps people struggling with their mental health. The programme offers people the opportunity to get involved in conservation work and it’s the mixture of being outdoors in nature, keeping busy, doing something purposeful and being supported by a friendly group that makes it work. It’s something, I think, that everybody could benefit from.

We’re hearing a lot in the media about how getting involved in various activities can help improve people’s mental well-being – like singing in a choir or joining a sewing group for a bit of sewing therapy.

Today, I think, my sewing was more therapy than creative work. I’ve never really thought of it this way as it’s something I’ve always done since I was a little girl. Whereas most Fridays my strategy is to try and squeeze in as much sewing as possible, in-between the school drop off and pick up, today is not turning out to be one of those productive days.

This morning my mind kept wandering back to events that recently shocked and upset me, and after a long walk in the piercing cold air (where I had to blink a few times to relieve my eyes) following the school drop off, I was grateful to have a quilt project on the go to get stuck in to and to divert my focus.

I’ve managed to finish a few blocks, but I know it’s going to take a while to complete the whole quilt. I already have a name in mind and I’m thinking of ‘Blue leaves’ – I think it works well with the fabrics I have chosen, but given today, the name seems really apt.

Well, that’s my sewing done for today. I’m going off for another long walk before the school pick up which will hopefully lift my mood so I can enjoy my weekend with the family.

Do let me know what you think of my project so far! I’m always grateful for comments!

Here’s hoping you all have a good weekend!

Mel x

Check out the progress of this quilt on my other blog post ‘A sewing room with a view’


Golden Glow

We’ve only just started 2018 but I’m thrilled to announce that I have ALREADY finished my first quilt of the year! Yay!

OK… the truth is I started this quilt a little while ago and I really had hoped I would finish it in time for Christmas, but being mum, keeping house and going to work all came first… as they always do!

I also went through some variations of my original design which set me back a bit, and I spent a while drawing, re-drawing, sewing, unpicking and re-sewing various blocks. But I think it’s been worth it. I have a design I’m really happy with. I’ve discovered over the years that sometimes designs on paper don’t translate so well onto fabric, but this is something that can only be fully appreciated once the process of piecing the blocks together has started.

I have named my quilt Golden Glow as it features this lovely mustard colour which seems to be all the rage at the moment. When it’s set off against black and white it becomes really striking. The main feature fabric – with the apples and pears – is from the company Cloud 9, which produces organic cotton. I’ve used some of their fabrics before and love the contemporary designs they feature. The other two fabrics – the mustard yellow and charcoal black – are from Makower’s Linea range. The design and the colours evoke an autumnal feeling, and although this season is a good few months away, when I hold this quilt it makes me think of the low-lying sun at this time of year and kicking fallen leaves.

My next task now is to write up this project so that others can make it too.

I hope you like it. Do let me know what you think!

Mel x



Almost over…

2017 is almost over… I say this with a hint of sadness as this year has been a good one for me. I’m blessed that my family are in good health and happy. I’m blessed to have a job where I know I’m helping to make a difference to people struggling with their mental health. I’m blessed to have some great friends with whom I’ve shared many special and happy moments. I also feel very lucky that this year I’ve been abroad with family, sang at music festivals with my choir and had one of my projects featured in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine (Yay!).

So it’ll be with sadness that I say goodbye to 2017, but it’ll be with a great big smile that I welcome in 2018. I have no idea what it’ll bring, but as long as I have my family and friends nearby, a job I feel passionate about and a few creative projects on the go, I couldn’t ask for more.

Wishing you all a peaceful 2018. Mel x

“Serenity” quilt – designed by Melanie Vincent, featured in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine (January 2017)

Serenity roll narrow


via Daily Prompt: Almost

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Hi! So I thought I’d start a blog… I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but for whatever reason never got started and kept putting it off. Anyhow, here I (finally) am, and here is my first post. Not sure how it’s going to turn out, but hey ho, I’m sure it’ll be fun!! And if you find it fun too, please join me in my journey – like and comment on any posts or just say ‘Hi!’.

So a little bit about me. My name is Melanie (you can call me Mel) and I enjoy designing and making patchwork quilts. I have always had a passion for fabrics and sewing and I now design and make patchwork quilts in my ‘spare time’. I say ‘spare’ in quotes because just like many other working mums, I do not have much spare time. Some of my designs have been published in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine, and I have an Etsy shop Melony Patch where I sell some of my kits and patterns (as well as some of the yummy fabric I love to work with).

As the strap line above indicates, I am also very much into wellbeing and wellness (my day job is working on a project that provides therapy through nature for people with mental health conditions) so every now and then I may wish to write a post on that subject. And I’m also a mum and love all things family and homely, so you may find the odd post about that too, and perhaps a recipe or two.

Well that’s it for now – I’ll be back in the New Year with more blog posts. For now I’d like to wish everybody a peaceful and happy 2018!! Cheerio! Mel x